About Tomorrow 2014

Tomorrow first opened six years ago as a fair where visitors could observe first hand, the potential and trend of the Korean contemporary art industry… [Read more]

Part I: Sprout

9th October – 2nd November  The concept of Sprout(Bal-a, 發芽) is a reference to the direction and volition to focus on and realize the potential of Korean art… [Read more]

Part II: Culture Print

8th November – 30th November Culture Print goes hand in hand with the concept of Sprout, its center mass on the concrete reality of the present and future… [Read more]


DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza) Museum 2F Design Museum


Part I: Sprout
KANG SukHo, KOH MyungKeun, KOH SanKeum, KIM ByoungHo, KIM SungJin, KIM YongKwan, KIM YongChul, PARK MinJoon, PARK WonMin, PARK YoonKyung, PARK JiHye, SHIN SooHyeok, HAN Anna SoYoung , YOO SeungHo, LEE KaJin, LEE KwangHo, LEE SeaHyun, LEE YunHee, LEE JiYen, LIM ChaeWook, JANG JaeRok, CHANG CheolWon, JUNG HaeJung, CHO HyeongSeob, JU SeKyun, CHOI HyunSeok, HONG KyoungTack
Part II: Culture Print
EVERYWARE, HYBE, Tendance Floue, KANG KangHoon, KOO JiYoon, GWON Osang, KIM DaUm, KDK(KIM DoKyun), KIM SunTei, KIM SuYeon, KIM SuJin, KIM Hyunsik, KIM HongSeok, MIN SungHong, PARK JiHye, PARK CheonWook, SON JongJun, SONG MyungJin, OH YongSeok, WON SeoungWon, YOON SangYoon, LEE Donggi, LEE SuJin, LEE JongGeon, LEE JinJu, JEONG ZikSeong, CHUNG ChiYung, CHOI Jinoon


Part I: Sprout
Part II: Culture Print

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Part II of exhibitions will continue subsequently to the end of Part I.

Part I: October 8 – November 2 / Part II: November 7 – November 30 / Artwork may be sold at this event.

About TOMORROW 2014

Part I: Sprout / Part II: Culture Print

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