About Korea Tomorrow 2016


Somi Hong (Executive Director, Korea Tomorrow)
We challenge all rules, canons, and guidelines that have controlled our mind. The power of our collective critique goes beyond the formal possibilities of questioning them and reaches deep down to the root of the semantic structure of them. Our old perceptions should be dismantled and reassembled through our artistic practices, otherwise the chances of conceiving new perceptions would be slim. Therefore, we have to stand up and recognize the hidden mode of our perceptual framework. Our perceptions give us windows to see the world, but it means the size of our understanding is shaped and restricted by our own perceptions. We have to find a way out of them. Art makes us rethink all forms of established values. This is why art matters today. This is why we insist “standing outside” rather than “seating inside”. In that way, we can invent our own paths to the future.