JEONG GwangHee

Korea Tomorrow 2015

Finding out the aesthetic sense of Buncheong ware

When I was in second year of junior high school,
I want on picnic to a Buddhist temple near my hometown.
I found many pieces of Buncheong ware at the side of a stream.
I remember I took the fragments, placed them on my desk,
and took pleasure in appreciating them.

The longer I admired Buncheong ware,
the more I felt its deep and restful color as something more than purity.
Like many stones on a beaten road of history,
I felt the mercy of Buddha in a familiarity, serenity,
and sufficiency that can embrace all – not a specific color or texture – alongside
atypical aesthetic feeling undeterred by anything.
In those days, I was riveted by the aesthetic sense of Buncheong ware,
trying to employ this in my work.




JEONG GwangHee
Born in 1971, JeonNam Goheung, Korea

2008 M.F.A, in Korean Painting, Chung-Ang University
2004 B.F.A, Calligraphy, College Honam University

2014 Accumulating ink, GwangJu Museum of Art Sangrok Exhibition Hall, , GwangJul, Korea
2014 In the Bamboo Forest-Entreing the Garden of Scholars, Lotte Gallery, AnYang.GwangJu,, Korea)
2012 Escaping from the Object in Thought, Jeollanam-do Okgwa Art Museum, Okgwa, Korea
2009 Forget to Be Wall Aware, Shinsegae Gallery, Gwangju, Korea
2008 Forget to Be Wall Aware, Dr.Park Gallery, Yangpyeong, Korea
2007 A Metaphor for Creation and Extinction, Gana Art Space, Seoul, Korea

2015 Rivers, pier-2 Art Center, KaoSiung, Taiman
Beijing Biennale, National Art Museum of China, Beijing, China
200Years of the Namdo Art, Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea
“Korea’s monochrome (Dansaekwha)”, Special exhibition in Busan Art Market Affair, BEXCO, Busan, Korea
Artist’s Portfolio Archive Lounge∏, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
2014 International Contemporary Ink-painting, Himalaya Museum of Art, Shanghai, China
2013 Contemporary Ink-painting, Sandong Museum of Art, Jinan, China
World-class Ink Painting, International Ink Painting Exhibition, ShenZhen Museum of Landscape Painting, ShenZhen, China
2011 “Ego, Noneg & Relation”, Gwangju Museum of Art, Gwangju, Korea
2010 Regionl Network Exhibition organized by Korea Arts & Culture Council ,ARCO in Seoul. Gwangju Museum of Art, Busan Museum of Art, Korea


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