KIM YongChul

Korea Tomorrow 2014

sf (Space Faction)                                                                
sf series contains facades or part of a building shining in the dark.
The use, function, or a study of the history of architectural lighting is not my concern. I rather lend a feeling of abstract painting brimming with color, rhythm, and spatial elements to architectural photographs. I also express tension through interaction between vivid colors, transparency and opacity, plane and solid.
The term sf is an abbreviation of space faction or science fiction. sf series questions diverse visual angles in space. Ultra-modern buildings in a desolate night are reminiscent of sf film with images emphasizing a contrast of black and white. The background looks like a stage set based on a future scenario. This series presents composition, background, and even synopsis. In this work space and architectural structure are protagonist, and form, color, visual angle, and light tell a simple story.
sf series is an appropriation of formative architectural language through photography. This series may be a personal record, and simultaneously work with a room to broaden the scope of imaginative interpretation.  I hope this series provides new understanding of photographs beyond psychological and cultural experience.




Born in 1973, Gwangju, Korea

2009    Academiebrief by Prof. Christopher Williams, Kunstakademie
              Duesseldorf, Duesseldorf, Germany
2006    Meisterschueler by Prof. Thomas Ruff, Kunstacademie Duesseldorf,
              Duesseldorf, Germany
1999    Department of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts, Seoul, Korea
2013    2013 : A Space Odyssey, KAIST SUPEX, Seoul, Korea
2012    b, Gallery 2, Seoul, Korea
2011    Facility Skins, Michael Schultz Gallery, Berlin, Germany
              Space Faction, MK2 Art Space, Beijing, China
2010    Flowingscape, Nanji Art Studio, Nanji Gallery, Seoul, Korea
              Line Up, Gallery 2, Seoul, Korea
2009    KDK, Goozee Gallery, Daegu, Korea
2008    New SF, Gallery 2, Seoul, Korea
              W, Gallery 2, Seoul, Korea
2006    SF, One and J Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014    Re-imagination, Il-Woo Space, Seoul, Korea
2013    Nivatour2, Korea-Nigeria : A friendship over decades, Total Museum,
              Seoul, Korea
              The Show must go on, Lasalle, Singapore
              What if Project – Barter Center for Images of Corea Campanella,
              Hotel Amadeus, Venice, Italy
2012    Photography is Magic!, Main Exhibition Daegu Photo Biennale,
              Daegu, Korea
              Building Stories, Pilar Corrias Gallery, London, UK
2011    New Caledonia Photo Festival, Noumea Le Meridien, New Caledonia
              Space Study, PLATEAU, Seoul, Korea
2010    The Penguin that goes to the Mountain, Namjune Paik Artcenter,
              Yongin, Korea
2009    Double Fantasy, Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of
              Contemporary Art, Marugame, Japan


Part 1 DESIGN TOMORROW : Sprout(Bal-a, 發芽)
Part 2 ART TOMORROW : Culture Print